Architectural and Consulting Services
Display and sales of Curtain and Furnishing Fabrics
Top of the art Curtain accessories
Interior designing and consulting
Evaluating the customer need and offering the best design option within the    proposed budget
All services related to architecture, interior designing, landscaping, fittings and furnishing.

Logistic solution to the needs of the customers in the areas of architecture, designing and furnishing of houses, flats, offices, hotels, hospitals, resorts etc. and completing the projects on tern key basis.



We have an expert team of Architects, Designers, Staff and labour force to execute the work well within the time.

A team of field staff who are available all the time to provide on the spot service on phone call.
A well equipped fully air conditioned showroom displaying and selling the curtains and furnishing fabrics of latest design and quality materials of leading textiles mills in India and selected varieties of imported materials.

A good stock of latest curtains and furnishing fabrics of thousands varieties to choose from with the prices ranging from as low as Rs.35/-to Rs.450/- per meter

A workshop fabricating fittings and accessories
A team that keep trap of global innovation in fabrics, furniture designs, Accessories and fittings
With a fleet of vehicles we have better mobility in contacting the customers and delivering the goods.
We are easily accessible through telephones, fax, and e-mail.
Our office and showroom are conveniently located.
Offering detailed estimate for curtains and furnishing free of cost.

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